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    Vertical Reference Lines in Qlik Sense

      I'm trying to add a vertical and horizontal reference line in Qlik Sense Line Chart object.  Is there a way to do this?  Also, is there a way to restrict the data that is shown on the x-axis?  I have data that is indexed to time zero based on a monthsdifference calculation that I did, but there is some noise that gives negative values for month zero.  Is there a way to have my chart only show values where the data is greater than month zero?  The formula I'm currently using is as follows:  count(DISTINCT [c_name]) / b_suites

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          Ajit Limaye

          Hi Ryan,


          For the 1st part - Horizontal reference lines can be added from Add-Ons > Reference Lines > Add reference line and defining an expression for the value to be shown. This assumes that your measure is on Y axis. Given that I am not sure why you would add a vertical reference line since that would make a reference mark on the dimension axis.

          reference line - first part.JPG

          For the restriction on what shows up on the x-axis use the limitation feature for the dimension.

          no limitation.JPG This is without using any limitation


          and this is using a limitation value of 2 on the measure - which stops the last two quarters from showing up on the X axis


          You can select if you want to show the Others or leave it out.


          Is this what you are looking for - if yes, hope this helps. If not, maybe could you share a picture of your chart to show the problem.