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    Utilization Rate

    Marco van Zand

      Dear Qlikers,


      I'm looking for a function to calculate to utilization of an Item. The table I have is enclosed, the columns in there are:

      - ContractID

      - Status                    calculate only when value is even or higher than 4

      - WarehouseID

      - PlanStartDate          start of the project

      - PlanEndDate          end of the project (always +1 for that day)

      - ItemID

      - Quantity



      The function has a dimension of MonthYear (Januari 2017) and ItemID, please see table Output, and has to summarize the Quantity when;

      - Status => 4 (cells in red)

      - summarize only the days in the month (cells in blue)

      - per WarehouseID


      Till now I have a function with multiple aggr's which isn't functioning very well.