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    qliksense help: to calculate items per order

    Soumya Sunder



      I am developing a dashboard in qliksense and stuck at 1 point and require help.

      so i need to count no of items per order and if there is only 1 item then calculate % of such orders.

      i wrote the formula as :

      if((if(not isnull(week) ,count(distinct(item)))


      if(not isnull(week), count(ORDER)))=1,count(ORDER))


      if(not isnull(week) ,count(distinct(ORDER)))


      when i convert it to % the value i get is above 100%, so basically it is calculating all the items/ all the orders.

      what i need is: create another table where you count the number of items per order

      then on this table you count the number of orders with only one item

      how to do this???