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    Iphone/IOS - The App has been closed

    Knut Einar Reppen



      A customer wants to use Iphone to assist their employees travelling around every day.

      Top open the app and use it is no problem, but as soon as the screen goes black because of inactivity and you try to reopen it you get:



      An error occured

      The app has been closed. to continue working, please refresh app


      Anyone know how we can avoid this, we need to have as few things to qlik on as possible before they can access the information.

      Now we first have to qlik refresh and then choose the right sheet. Both of these should be avoided.


      We have the same problem on both Safari and Chrome.


      Please give me any ideas of how to improve this, if possible. I know this is mainly caused by IOS,

      I'm not sure what causes this. Could be lost websocket connection.

      The user don't have to login again, so the session is kept for some time.


      Best regards
      Knut Einar