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    Set up Access for Multiple Developers for Unpublished Apps

    Hannah Cozad

      Good Morning, I am using the two links below to try to set up our system so that multiple developers can access and edit an unpublished app.

      Multiple Developers on one Qlik Sense App | Qlik-Blog

      Hi Team, I have an issue regarding multiple developer access on qliksense unpublished apps.


      I cant seem to get it to work. What I would like help with is the custom properties mentioned in the first link.

      "First, I have created the custom properties for the subject of the application (e.g. sales, purchase, etc.) and marked each object (application, task, stream, data connection, etc.) with the relating property. In my example, it was "Warenausgang". Afterwards, I created a second custom property, which defines the role of the users (enduser, developer, Administrator). These users do not have Admin rights in this case (such as ContentAdmin)."


      Here are the two custom properties I have set up. I'm not sure how to link the two so that when I create the security role, it knows which user should be able to see the unpublished app.

      customer property user.pngcustomer property user role.png