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    What's happening while opening Designer?

    Danijel Horvat

      Hello together,


      some interesting point. In almost all cases the NPrinting Designer takes 3-5 Minutes while opening the designer.


      Within the report is only one Table, no levels, charts..


      What is he doing in the background? At Task Manager i can see CPU load about 15-25 % and RAM 200-300mb.


      Some other Facts:

      NPrinting Version 17.3

      PixelPerfect Report

      QlikView (12.1) Application (Connection local),


      How is the speed with you?



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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          Hi, there is many factors you need to take into consideration.

          1. QlikView applications size - NPrinting needs to open QlikView application when editing Pixel Perfect template. Given that you are using local connection - your application fully has to be loaded again to memory before NPrinting can start working on it. I suggest using server connection as this should work faster and smoother.
            1. Size in MB or,
            2. No of Rows/Colums in Fact table
            3. btw. do you have any data island tables there?
          2. What is a CPU on designer box? I noticed that Intel i5 were very slow with PixelPerfect designer - so slow that couple years back i have actualy raised support case and it turned out that my computer was just slow. I still think it was not right diagnose but on i7 everything was working much faster.
          3. How many CPU cores do you have on designer box?
          4. Pixel Perfect template - you are saying that there is only one table. Pixel Perfect table is actualy loaded as a level which can be bit slow. Is that what you meant, or there is only one table loaded under table metadata entity - but then how are you using it?

          I know that work with Pixel Perfect templates can be very frustrating especialy when building complex multi-level reports with pictures, sparklines and pixel perfect charts which can be super super slow.





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              Danijel Horvat

              Hey Lech,


              thanks for your detailed answer.


              I've tested it again with a "smaller" Application:


              Regarding your questions:


              1. Open the Designer over local Connection: 1:30min; over QVP: 1:25min. The Report has one Table with 5 columns.


              About my test Application:

              1.1: Size 219mb

              1.2: 4 Tables with overall 2,9 mio Rows -> from that, Facts with 2 mio Rows; About 305 Objects..

              1.3: No Data Islands..


              2. CPU is a Intel Xeon E5-2630, 32 GB Ram


              3. 6Cores


              4. No, it isn't loaded as a Level. Is, how you write, the table is loaded under table metadata entity, and dragged from there to the Detail Area.