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    Connect to exchange public folders using Mailbox connector

    Andy Weir

      Is it possible to directly connect to this data source using this connector or do I need to bring it into a database before connecting to it that way.


      I know I can link to the folders via a linked table in access for example and then insert the messages into a

      Table for loading into SEnse or view.  this is slow so want to know if there is a direct way I can do it.  either using mailbox connector or another one.





        • Re: Connect to exchange public folders using Mailbox connector
          Steve Dark

          Hi Andy,


          You can connect to mail servers using either POP3 or IMAP using this connector.  What is even better is that it is one of the free connectors that come bundled with Qlik Web Connectors.


          We have used this connector successfully to have data feels emailed to a specified mailbox then have Qlik Web Connectors download new messages and attachments and then use that as a data source.  It's not difficult to set up, and once Qlik Web Connectors are set up as a Service you can set up a reload in Sense or QlikView to directly pull emails into QVDs that can then be loaded into Sense or QlikView.


          Give me a shout if you want more details.