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    XIRR Implementation

    Amir Vastani

      Hi All,


      Has anyone had a successful XIRR implementation in QlikView or QlikSense where you have other Fact Types integrated as well?


      I would be curious to see your example.


      I have very simple case of 3000 records where I am trying to show XIRR by 3-4 dimensions.


      If I refresh and show XIRR, the numbers are way off. If I create a Straight Table, export the table and Import it into the same or different app as an Island Table all XIRR numbers match with excel or any other spreadsheet tool.


      I am trying to understand if there's anything unique with data type interpretation in QV and QS as my numbers are not validating. I would prefer not having to have a macro export and then import into existing script.


      Thanks ahead of hand for your responses.