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    syntax - function / expression / set analysis

    Leo Harper



      Slightly confused over syntax and maybe naming conventions...


      Is a set analysis formula the same as entering a formula in the expression or function(fx) field (of lets say a bar chart or KPI object)?


      I have watched quite a few of the Qlik videos and was under the impression that when typing in a forumla in the 'fx' field I should be using curly braces, square brackets etc. Yet I have seen a number of formulas that work just fine without any of that





      - not a curly brace in sight



      yet a curly brace is used here

      Count({<Status = {"DONE"}, Approved= {"YES"}>} PERSON_ID)

      If these are two separate 'things', i.e. entering a formula is not the same as set analysis, then is there help on the syntax's for both, with examples somewhere?

      Hope i'm being clear....