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    first need to check daily file before multiple file load

    virendra chawra



      I having following script where i need to check daily files present or not .if not than i need to set variable value and need to run other script of the qvw.



      I have 5 files but not necessary these files should present daily.


      let file1='C:\Users\test\Desktop\files\AF$(vDate).csv';

      let file2='C:\Users\test\Desktop\files\DF$(vDate).csv';

      let file3='C:\Users\test\Desktop\files\SF$(vDate).csv';

      let file4='C:\Users\test\Desktop\files\TF$(vDate).csv';

      let file5='C:\Users\test\Desktop\files\MF$(vDate).csv';


      IF(FileSize($(file1))<>0 OR FileSize($(file2))<>0 OR FileSize($(file3))<>0 OR FileSize($(file4))<>0 OR FileSize($(file5))<>0) THEN

      SET vElite='Y';


      SET vElite='N';


      IF $(vElite)='Y' THEN


      LOAD *



      (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);



      but this code is not working correctly.

      i want a mechanism that first it should check that file available ...if available than load else set the variable so that we can perform any modfication.