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    Stack Bar Graph with Total

    Adam Brian

      Hey guys,


      I'm new in qlik sense, can anyone help me this one. Sorry if this has been answered before, I couldn't find the answer related.


      I want show a stack bar graph with total workers by category, bar show full, and show in percent. Like this :

      2017-03-12 17_36_46-photo_2017-03-06_11-28-29.jpg - Photos.png


      I try to create a company in one country with many braches on difference state. Total Branches in one State are diferrence, it based on which state we choose..


      For example i choose State_A it will be like this:

      2017-03-12 17_38_40-urgent - My new sheet (1) (1) _ App overview - Qlik Sense.png


      and if i choose State_B it will be like this :

      2017-03-12 17_45_23-_urgent - My new sheet _ App overview - Qlik Sense.png


      Graph will show based total branches in state which i selected. I tried using this extension, but it don't have stack bar graph.
      GitHub - miclae76/trellis-chart: Qlik Sense Trellis Chart Extension
      Can anybody help this one?

      stalwar1 jpe mto vinieme12 reddys310


      This is app that I tried to do : !