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    Nprinting and Pivot Table

    Lorna Louw

      hi guys


      I have a pivot  in Qlikview. Some of the expressions use Set analysis.


      Now I need to duplicate this Pivot in Nprinting to Excel. I have read numerous entries on the forum, but I cant find the solution for this - I cannot clone the pivot to a straight table, because then I lose the Set analysis.


      Also - what is the difference of adding the QV Pivot Chart to the Nprinting project on 1)Levels or just under 2)Tables. Tables seem to give all the same info than the Levels?



      Anyone had similar experiences?



        • Re: Nprinting and Pivot Table
          Liron Baram


          when you say you want to duplicate the pivot table to excel

          do you mean it's only need to display the data or should it be an excel pivot table

          where the user can filter the data and change the display?

          if the answer is the first option then you can just use the table to export the table as it's displayed in the Qlikview model

          if the answer is the second option then you'll need to export the data in the table  and use the data as a source for

          excel pivot table , in that case you'll need to convert to straight table , usually the same expressions should work both on straight and pivot table in qlikview because the dimensions are the same the only difference is the display

          why do you think that the set analysis won't work

          can you share a demo data?