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    Filtering Straight Table by Text Value

    Luke Gilligan

      I am fairly new to Qlikview and have just completed the Designer & Developer training, but I am still struggling with pre filtering data.


      I am trying to build a dashboard for use with our higher level execs that will be pre filtered to show the right data in the tables.


      I have a straight table that lists details service requests we have in the system and it is working as expected when I click on the value in a list box it filters the table on that value.


      What I need is for the execs to not have to click the button to filter the data.


      From what I understand I need to use Set Analysis to do this, however all I am finding is examples on how to use Set Analysis on calculations, not on text values.


      I have attached a sample set of data in a QVW table. As an example, I would like to filter this table based on Request Type being Complaints. Hopefully, once I work out how to pre filter this data I will be able to then use the same principals to build other pre filtered charts and graphs.


      Any help would be much appreciated.