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    How to get value behind "Measure" master items ?

    Thibaut Lorimier

      Hello community,


      i'm trying to access with an extension the list of measure of the application.


      I found in the documentation this method : getAppObjectList


          appQS.getAppObjectList( 'MeasureList', function(reply2){





          appQS.getAppObjectList( 'DimensionList', function(reply2){






      For DimensionList i got all the dimension that is created inside the application : Amountdd and i got the "value" behind this name "Amount".


      But for the measureList i get the name of the measure : in the example "jeanjean" but i can't access to the value behind this : sum(sales) for example


      As an attachment a screenshot of the log in the console. Inside qData for measure i can't find the value.


      Do you know a method to access the value behind a master item measure ? Or do i need to use another method ?