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    Data for my question related to Set Analysis

    Court van de Lisdonk

      I have made an example qvd and and example xls for my question related tot Set Analysis


      Big Question was how can i use Set Analysis when I watch my Excel.file where per month I have a daily amount, twice for the two companies I have and  that daily amount is also divided for Products and Batch: so per Company I have two daily Budgets. So I have 4 daily Budgets because at the Moment I have two companies.


      Next is that for the ProductBudgets I have to divide the Budgets into Shares Percentages for Fittings and that for every Company


      At the Moment I use if-statements in the Charts-expressions, but that is not flexibel. When in the future a new Company is added or a new Fitting is added I have to rebuild the expressions again.


      That why I want to use set Analysis if possible