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    Qlik Sense Accumulate outside range visible in Graph

    Amir Jaber

      I am trying to show a snapshot in time of values which are accumulated based on [TRX Date].


      The problem is that when I filter my graph to a specific time interval its accumulation ignores any values prior to the first date in the view.


      It may be worth noting that the data is not necessarily in order of [TRX Date] in the source table.


      As an example if I want to show someone the sum as at the end of the 5th and 6th of December respectively and the source data looks like this...


      [TRX Date][Debit]- [Credit]


      ...then the output should be like this once I have filtered to the 5th and the 6th

      [TRX Date]Accumulated [Debit]- [Credit]



      As you can see in the snaps below, the Y-axis ( [Debit] - [Credit] ) resets to show only the $2m movement on the 16th rather than start at around $75m after the filter excludes the dates prior. The x-axis shows [TRX Date].

      No Filter.PNGFilter.PNG


      This is the syntax I have been trying


      rangesum( above(

      sum({$<[Segment 1]={'00'}, [Segment 2]={'00'}, [Segment 3]={'999'}, [Nominal Code]={'7120'}, OriginatingCurrency={'USD'}, LineRef -= {'Balance Brought Forward'} >}([Debit]-[Credit])/1000000)