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    Find the Min Date for the Max Sales in a Summary Text Box

    Mike Czerwonky

      Please find attached my sample QVW.   I am trying to solve a double AGGR issue and need some expert assistance.  Here is a picture of my dashboard screen.


      My business user has a requirement to have summary boxes above the straight table.   In this example, we want to know the Max Sales and then answer the next 3 questions.  In the left summary text object, you can see the formula for AGGR the max sales by date.   This is fine for finding the max.  What I really want is to identify the minimum interval dimension and assign it to a variable. so that I can answer the other questions using set analysis.  The logic used to solve this will be used 10 more times to solve this issue with different data sets and calculations.


      Test Interval Shot.PNGGreetings,