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    calculation error with Networkdays() function

    xavier Douchet


      I have a problem with the networkdays () function.

      This function takes into account holidays that are not within the calculation interval:


      for example:


      My date format is as follows:

      SET DateFormat = 'DD-MM-YY';


      The call of the function:

      Networkdays ('16 -01-17 ', '19 -01-17') referrals 4, between 16 and 19 January there are 4 working days: the result is correct.


      If now I set the {holiday} parameter by simulating a holiday on 20/01/2017 (so after the 19th)

      Networkdays ('16 -01-17 ', '19 -01-17', '20 -01-17 ',' 20-01-17 ') references 3.



      I have this problem every time my end date and the day before a holiday.



      Have you ever encountered this problem and what solution have you applied?



      Thank you for your help