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    Browser Issue with QMC

    Anjali Ahlawat

      Hi All,


      I recently faced issues with qmc license page not showing and got the issue resolved once we accessed it through other browser.


      Even if Qlikview supports IE 11 ,we were not able to access license page using it and we used Firefox to do the QMC configuration.


      And the time we thought the issue resolved,we got the mail saying that using Firefox in that environment is restricted ,we can only use Internet Explorer 11.


      Now the challenges are:

      1.The person in that domain cant update IE version too as he does not have any internet access.

      2.He cant download too.

      3.And nobody can share the file with him as well as that is also restricted.


      My requirement is:


      Can anybody please tell me what are the basic settings in IE that are a must for QMC to work.Is there any document on that ?


      I am attaching the settings done in IE on the client side .Please tell if there is any issue with that .


      Thanks in advance ......