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    QV formatting background colour

    wade taylor

      This is my current set-up:


      Straight Table

      7 Expressions: Name, Title, Plant, Supervisor, Manager, Location, Date


      Now, if an employee has date >1970  and I want to colour ‘Name’

      I go into ‘Name -> Background Colour’ in Expressions

      and in Definition type:

      if([Date] >=’1970-01-01’,green()).


      So, if any employee has a Date (>1970) their name will be coloured with a green background colour.


      In order to highlight the entire row (green background colour),

      Do I really need to individually edit each expression as above and copy/paste

      if([Date] >=’1970-01-01’,green()).


      Surely there must be a better way to copy the format across the entire row?

      Please advise.

      Thank you in advance.

        • Re: QV formatting background colour
          Marcus Sommer

          AFAIK this won't be possible after the creation of the expression unless with some macro-stuff. If you know that you would need such a formatting before you create all expressions you could include this formatting and then copy+paste the whole expression within the expression-list (mark one, right click, copy, choose a empty part on the bottom of this list-window and right click again and paste). After this you could overwrite the expression and the label with your further expression requirements and keep all layout-settings on them.


          - Marcus