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    Tasks stopped loading in Publisher

    Robson Candeo

      We have publisher and suddelnly, some tasks stopped reloading automatically. Their status is Waiting and last execution changed no never, but they were reloading normally till last week.

      If I open the application and reload inside, it works without problem. But if I click on the task to execute, it does nothing.

      I tried to recreate one of this task but without success.

      The unique log that appears is on Webservice when I try to start the task manually and is something like this:

      14/03/2017 10:58:29.0335123ErrorCould not start task; Task not found. TaskID=9faa71de-5c45-4bce-bafb-acd261d142f6


      I read about changing parameters in management service but it did not worked and I don´t have old tasks to delete.