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    AND /OR operations in set analysis

    Akanksha Potdar



      I have to do and/or operations in set analysis . Code is following:



      {<CurrYear_flag={'Y'} , Prev1Year_flag={'Y'}, Prev2Year_flag={'Y'}>}  +

      {<CurrYear_flag={'Y'},Prev1Year_flag={'Y'},Prev2Year_flag -={'Y'}> }+

      {<CurrYear_flag={'Y'},Prev1Year_flag -={'Y'},Prev2Year_flag={'Y'}>}

      distinct ACCOUNT)



      Can you please let me know right syntax to do this.  only first set {<CurrYear_flag={'Y'} , Prev1Year_flag={'Y'}, Prev2Year_flag={'Y'}>} is working. Rest 2 are giving 0 in results. Prev2Year_flag -={'Y'} is not working I try individually. It has data Y, - . I am looking for not 'Y' data. It is not working with Prev2Year_flag ={'-'} too