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    Availible CALs not being assigned

    Trey Smithq

      Hey Guys,


      I have all my CALs available and have allocated them to the specific documents and set Allow Dynamic CAL Assignment to on. However when a user accesses a document through AccessPoint, it says there are not User CALs available.


      The QMC says I have 0 document CALs assigned, 40 out of 50 Allocated.



      I am using SBE server with NTFS security. Each document is in its own folder set to specfic security permissions. I reset the CALs by stopping the QV services and deleting the .PGO files and restarting the files. I've also tried clearing my license and reinstating it. Nothing is changing. I can only assign user cals but not document CALs.


      I am using QlikView 11.2 SR13



      Am I missing anything?

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          Chip Matejowsky

          Hi Trey,

          Have you allocated Document CALs to each individual document in QMC > Documents > User Documents > QVWName.qvw > Document CALs tab > Number of CALs allocated to this document field?

          doc cals.PNG

          After Doc CALs have been allocated to the QVW, then you can select to manually assign them to specific users or select to dynamically assign them.


          Hope this helps


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              Trey Smithq

              Chip (wmy) and I found the answer.


              I had the application's folder mounted twice at different levels. QlikView stores the application as its mounted folder path rather than it's absolute folder path. So while I was allocating CALs to the document, AccessPoint was directing the users to the duplicate document, which did not have any CALs assigned.