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    Variable rounding to 2 decimal points

    Jenny Smith

      Hi all,


      I have set up my script to pull through a range of variables from an excel file. Unfortunately, qlik seems to be rounding these variables to 2 decimal points but I need them to at least 3.


      Does anyone know how to change this format?


      See below for my script to load in variables:



      LOAD Name,





      P:\Rentokil Pest Control\D99 Management\Pricing and Margin Analysis\Z. Qlikview models\Hygiene\Mapping data\Variables.xlsx

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);


      // Create variables

      for i = 0 to NoOfRows('Temp_Variables') - 1


        let vName = peek('Name', i, 'Temp_Variables'); // Name of the variable

        let $(vName) = peek('VarValue', i, 'Temp_Variables'); // Expression


      next i


      // Remove temp variables

      let i = null();

      let vName = null();


      // Remove temp tables

      drop table Temp_Variables;