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    Qlik Sense 3.1.4 fails to open Apps with data

    Carolin Borchert

      Hi there,


      We have an issue with our Qlik Sense Apps since we migrated to Qlik Sense 3.1.4. When I try to open an existing migrated app with data it will not open the app. Instead it looks like Qlik Sense continous and continous to try to load the App Overview. The only way to open an app with data is to open it without data and then do a manual relaod. If you then switch to the app overview by opening a new window then you would see the content and front end development of the app and it works fine. But just as long as you stay on that page. If you close it and try to open the app from the hub again, Qlik Sense fails to open the app again. If you open the App Overview after manual reload within the same window then Qlik Sense fails to fullfill the load - just opening it via a new window helps as described before. If you switch after manual reload to the data model viewer, Qlik Sense replies that the app which has just loaded successfully does not contain any data!! But the file size of the app stays the same (221MB) which means that data is not really deleted in some way. We have already tried several things:


      - Wait several days to check if the app would open after some time

      - Deleting all front end sheets to make sure that this is not a reason for it

      - Make a copy of the app

      - Publish the app to a test folder

      - Creating a completely new app with the same script

      - Checking the ports

      - Trying Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

      - Using http and https


      All these trials did not help anything. The result was the same: Qlik Sense does not open the App Overview, instead it looks like it continously loads without ending.


      Has anybody seen this behaviour before and if so how did you solve it?


      Many thanks for your help in advance!