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    Add new Qlik Licenses ?

    Aman Jain

      I recently purchased Qlik Licenses from a Qlik Partner. We already have some licenses purchased from Qlik.

      I see that the serial number for both of them are different. How could I add these new licenses without replacing the existing licenses ??


      Only fear is if i update the serial number with a new one, the existing licenses will be deleted.


      Please guide.


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          Bill Markham

          I would ask the Qlik Partner you bought the extra licences from.

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            Ajit Limaye

            hi Aman,


            I would actually suggest to reach out to Qlik directly if your previous license was not purchased from the same Qlik Partner. I believe your fear is quite well founded since the Qlik server would treat these as two separate instances. Do not replace the old with the new.


            You want to reach out to Qlik with details of both the licenses and ask them to mix them up - chances are that they will give you a new key / LEF that is a union of both your licenses.