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    Nprinting 17.2.3 How to create a XLSM

    John Mårtensson



      I've used a .xlsm template when creating the report, but I can't preview it as a xlsm (the option doesn't exist) and I'm not available to select this format as a task either.


      What should I do?


      I really want to use slicers in my file, but I think I need a .xlsm file for that to work properly. It cant use slicers in .xlsx previews or exports....



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          Wouter Mak


          You can’t use the macro functionality in the nprinting designer or preview. But you can use a template with macro functionality.
          You can distribute your Excel with full functionalities.


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            Cristina Punga

            I'm dealing with this same issue.

            I'm curious if anyone has any workaround.

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              Ruggero Piccoli



              at the moment (stable version is September 2017) XLSM (and all other types of Office documents with macros) is not supported by Qlik NPrinting 17.*. For example you cannot set XLSM as output format of a generated report.


              Qlik NPrinting 16.* supports Office macros, so you can create a template in XLSM format and set XLSM as output format. Qlik NPrinting 16.* NEVER executes the VBA code of macros while creating the final reports for security reasons. Qlik NPrinting 16.* just copys the VBA code from the XLSM template to the XLSM generated report. When the user opens the report he can run the macros or you can associate them with the opening event.


              We don't know when when this gap between 16 and 17 will be filled.



              Best Regards,



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