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    Summing with intervalmatch

    Andrew Moberg



      I am trying to build a display that shows the utilization of each surgical block in an operating room.

      To do so I have to create three main tables:

      A case details table that has the case times and locations

      A master calendar table

      A block calendar table that contains possible dates for each block based on the day of the week and week number of the month.


      I then need to use a combination of all the above tables to be able to see the count of cases going at any minute of a given day versus the amount of rooms available for that specific block at that specific time.


      I would like to see something similar to this:



      The issue I have as seen in the pic above is I am not able to capture distinct minute of day (notice 8:21 and 8:28) nor am I able to figure out the logic to capture the number of cases going at that time of day.

      I have attached a few dummy cases to my logic in the QVW below.

      Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


      Thanks again