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    Set Analysis vs Data Load Editor

    Bob Caplan

      Hi everyone.I am trying to get responses for ONLY those who completed 2 particular test types. The TestType field has three values(1,2,3). I want the answers (solution_id) for those who took test 1 and 2. Does anyone know the set analysis for this? Would this be easier in the editor if I only loaded users that met this criteria(If so, how)? This is an example of what I tried:


      count({<user_id={*},TestType={1},TestType={2}>} solution_id)


      I believe I need an AND statement or some equivalent between the TestTypes so it doesn't give me all answers for tests 1 and 2.



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          Liron Baram


          try this

          count({<user_id={"=count({<TestType={1,2}>} distinct TestType)=2"}>} solution_id)

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              Bob Caplan

              Thanks for you response Liron. I am new at set analysis and just want to  make sure I am interpreting this correctly. This is counting solution_id where TestType is 1 & 2? What is the "=2" on the end doing? Using this, I am getting a value before I choose test 1 or 2 in the filter, but get null values once I select one. I am currently using a table that shows the Answer Order, Answer, Answer Count, and %. There is a Filter Pane where I choose test 1,2 or 3 (otherwise it will show all the answers from every test with cumulative counts). I am looking for matched data here, so when I choose test 1, I only want the answer count from those individuals who took both tests (1 & 2). Thanks again for responding!