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    Conditional text color on dimension not working!

    Alejandro Hourcade

      Hi All,


      This may seem a very naive question but I havent found the answer for it quite yet. I have a simple pivot chart with 5 dimensions and three expressions. This charts shows 2 product codes and 2 product description as the vertical dimensions, production date as my horizontal dimension and finally production quantity (in KG, boxes and pieces) as expressions. I have formulated the following calculated expression (on the text color option) for the first 4 dimensions:


      =if(Calidad_SA='HALAK',rgb(255,110,110),IF(Calidad_SA='HAR',RGB(155, 89, 182),IF(Calidad_SA='REGULAR',BLACK(),IF(MATCH(Calidad_SA,'NESHER','KOSHER'),GREEN())))).


      This condition works perfectly when there is data on the expression, but it does not work when data is not present.


      For example. This chart shows all colored dimensions that are categorized as either "KOSHER/NESHER". The condition is met for most codes except for 4 of them (1273,1276,1285,1282) because there is no production data for these codes for production date 09/03/2017, thus, it does not color it in green.

      How can I go around this issue?

      Much thanks for your help..