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    Two separate tables working together

    Vlastimil Kosik

      Hi There,


      I have two separate tables that are no linked to each other by primary key. However, this is caused just because of the data quality and there is a column in each table where it is using a "client name".


      First table has this column neatly formatted. Second table does not and it usually behaves like a description sentence where somewhere in the middle one will always be able to find this name.


      I would like to link these tables in a way that current selection (for examle client 'Qlik' in table A would affect the output of table B and show only rows where the description column has this 'Qlik' somewhere inside. Thus --> WildMatch or Like *Qlik*.


      I am trying to make use of getFieldSelections and create a variable out of it but in the end I am not able to influence the output of the table to only show rows that I would like to.


      What do you think is there any viable solution to cases like this? I mean all I want to achieve is that if I filter a client 'Qlik' in table A, all rows where a word 'Qlik' appeared in Description row of table B will be shown.




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          Sunny Talwar

          Would you be able to share a sample so that we can get a clearer picture of what you are trying to do?

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              Vlastimil Kosik

              Currently, this is the function I am using for the dimension definition. With this I am able to select a specific value in "Supplier_Name". Lets say I chose Qlik. And the other table shows me all rows where the "Description" has a first part of the string in the description.  Perhaps  not the best solution but I think I have at least moved somewhere.


              What I would want


              IF(lower(ReconciliationDescription) LIKE '*'&SubField(lower($(vCurrentSelection)), ' ',1)&'*',ReconciliationDescription)


              (variable vCurrentSelection is defined as GetFieldSelections(SUPPLIER_NAME)

              Currently it looks as following. Table 1 on the left, table 2 on the right, depending on what I choose in table 1, the output changes in table 2.


              What I would want to achieve though is to base this on the unique selection. Though based on same advanced if rules. If I select for example the first row AYDIN of the table 1. It would lets say only show me rows that are +-7days difference from the date specified in table 1 (table 2 also has date values as you can see).