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    Qlik sense authentication process

      Hello everyone,


      I did not quite understood very well the authentication process. If there is anybody that has a clear vision on this i would be gratefull.


      After creating the virtual proxy, generate certificate i'm running the node index.js command from command prompt.


      var qsocks = require('qsocks');

      var fs = require('fs');

      var request = require('request');

      var r = request.defaults({

        rejectUnauthorized: false,

        host: 'win-v9un77su0bn',

        pfx: fs.readFileSync('client.pfx')


      //  Authenticate whatever user you want

      var b = JSON.stringify({

        "UserDirectory": 'win-v9un77su0bn',

        "UserId": 'demouser',

        "Attributes": []



      //  Get ticket for user - refer to the QPS API documentation for more information on different authentication methods.


        uri: 'https://win-v9un77su0bn:4243/qps/vp/ticket?xrfkey=abcdefghijklmnop',

        body: b,

        headers: {

          'x-qlik-xrfkey': 'abcdefghijklmnop',

          'content-type': 'application/json'



      function(err, res, body) {



        //  Consume ticket, set cookie response in our upgrade header against the proxy.

        var ticket = JSON.parse(body)['Ticket'];

        r.get('https://win-v9un77su0bn/vp/hub/?qlikTicket=' + ticket, function(error, response, body) {


        var cookies = response.headers['set-cookie'];


        //  qsocks config, merges into standard https/http object headers.

        //  Set the session cookie correctly.

        //  The origin specified needs an entry in the Whitelist for the virtual proxy to allow websocket communication.

        var config = {

             host: 'win-v9un77su0bn',

             isSecure: true,

             origin: 'http://localhost',

             rejectUnauthorized: false,

             headers: {

             "Content-Type": "application/json",

             "Cookie": cookies[0]




        console.log('User ticket: ' + ticket)






      The ticket is successfully generated, but when i try to access in browser a file containing code from a mashup, i am still required to authenticate.Is this normal? i would presume that once the ticket was generated the user would be automatically connected and i could display the chart objects.