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    GMS : metrics will not delete metrics from app using Governed Metrics Service 2.03.

    Arjen Tervoort



      The import of Metrics works fine, when I manually delete a few metrics and update, fine as well. But when I tried to delete all Metrics using the tetspage from GMS the metrics will not not be deleted and the status windows displays the following rows:


      Status output:

      {"level":"info","msg":"POST delete/fromapp for <enter app name here>Test2","meta":{"module":"routes"}}

      {"level":"info","msg":"deleteFromApp::Calling deleteFromApp","meta":{"module":"doWork"}}

      {"level":"info","msg":"getDocId::running getdoc.getDocId","meta":{"module":"getdocid"}}

      {"level":"debug","msg":"getDocId::qrsInteract::/app?filter=name eq '<enter app name here>Test2'","meta":{"module":"getdocid"}}

      {"level":"error","msg":"getDocId::qrsInteract::TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined","meta":{"module":"getdocid"}}

      {"level":"error","msg":"deleteFromApp failure::Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined","meta":{"module":"doWork"}}

      The rows are made red by me. Any suggestions where to look?

      Kind regards,