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    Migrate Community Sheets

    Karthick Venkatachalam

      Hi All,


      For the below use cases, I would like to understand if it is possible to migrate the community sheets(Sheets created by User) from one Qlik Sense app to another Qlik Sense App?


      Use Case:

      1) As we are dealing with huge data and splitting of files is not possible in Qlik Sense, we have 2 Qlik Sense apps(App_Spain and App_Italy) of the same model but having their countries data using Binary load. One user in App_Spain created a sheet which now Italy user also would want to utilise.

      2) I have 2 apps which are already live, Sales model app (with only one Fact which is 'Sales' and few dimensions) and Shipping model app (with only one Fact which is 'Shipping' and few dimensions).

      Now we are planning to integrate the Sales piece and Shipping piece which means only one final app would be there.

      Hence community sheets created in one app might have to be replicated\migrated for the above 2 use cases.

      Kindly suggest if there is some viable option.


      Thanks a bunch in advance,

      Karthick V.