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    Iñigo Elviro Bodoy

      Hi everybody:


      I hope somebody can help me in this issue.


      I have a chart with 3 variables:






      These variables works well in the chart, but the problem happens in the title of the chart:


      ='Selling ('&$(vSellingsTonMonth)&' Ton)-Orders ('&$(vOrdersTonMonth)&' Ton)-Forecast ('&$(vForecastTonMonth)&' Ton)'&chr(10)&'Diference ('&$(vSellingsTonMonth)+$(vOrdersTonMonth)-$(vForecastTonMonth)&' Ton)'


      The formul can not calcul after the & and stops after the calcul of "vForecastTonMonth" only showing:

      Selling (406 Ton)-Orders (59 Ton)-Forecast (476


      When what I expect is:


      Selling (406 Ton)-Orders (59 Ton)-Forecast (476 Ton)-Diference (-11 Ton)


      The variable is a bit complex:


      vForecastTonMonth: Floor(Sum({<MonthYear={"$(=max([MonthYear]))"},Date={"<=$(=max([Date]))"}>}[Forecast Ton])*

      NetWorkDays(Min(Total <Date> {<MonthYear={"$(=max([MesAño]))"},Date={"<=$(=max([Date]))"}>} Date),Max(Total <Date> {<MonthYear={"$(=max([MonthYear]))"},Date={"<=$(=max([Date]))"}>} Date))/

      NetWorkDays(MonthStart(Min({<MonthYear={"$(=max([MonthYear]))"},Date={"<=$(=max([Date]))"}>}Date)),MonthEnd (Max({<MonthYear={"$(=max(MonthYear]))"},Date={"<=$(=max([Date]))"}>}Date))))


      It is very strange that works well alone in the chart, but with other expressions not.


      Thanks in advance