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    How to migrate publisher and tasks from one server to another?

    Sandra Morgenstern



      I have:

      - one productive (old) Server mit QlikView 11.2 and QlikView Server and Publisher License

      - a new Server with QlikView 12 installed and QlikView Server Test License


      The aim is to migrate Tasks from QV 11.2 Server to QV 12 Server and then activate the QV 12 Server as new productive Server. That means to upgrade QVS and Publisher license. Important is a minimum downtime. It is not possible to upgrade the QV 11.2 Server and so it is not possible to migrate Tasks with copying the QVPR Folder.

      What is best practice for migration between two Servers with different QV Versions?

      If Migration Fails and I had upgraded Publisher license, can I go back to old QV 11.2 Server and activate it again? With old (not upgraded) Publisher and QVS license?