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    Top 10 straight table does not respect sorting

    David Maurice

      Following on from my discussion here:

      Straight table top 10 with multiple dimensions


      I'm trying to understand what I'm doing wrong here. I have a straight table with multiple measures, where the dimensions are limited by a top N formula. I had a previous example from a colleague where the Top N rule was respecting the user sorting, for any measure, not just the first measure in the table (by default for Top N).


      Now, using the example in my discussion above, user sorting, even on the single measure, is applying any user sorting after the initial conditions of the Top N - so user sorting from lowest to highest with a dimension with a Top N condition based on highest to lowest will actually return to the user the highest Top N values sorted in reverse order, not put the lowest values at the top and order down in the same way if we had a Bottom N condition.


      I would like the Top N to respect any user sorting - if I remove the top N condition, the table works as expected, but in this scenario we want by default to limit the records returned to the user.


      Am I doing something wrong? I'm guessing I'm missing something quite simple, but I have no idea what it is.

      Thanks, David