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    Programing languages

    Adam Hájek

      Hi, I have a simple question, what programing languages should I know for succesfull developing apps in Qlik Sence ?

      Do you know some good source of basic scripts ?

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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          Qlik has its own script.


          Basic understanding of SQL will help, basic understanding of one or more programming languages will help, but at the end of the day you will need to learn a new script (that has a lot in common with many other languages).


          Qlik offers a QlikView Developer training for QlikView and a Qlik Sense Data Modeling training for Qlik Sense. The content of those trainings is about 95% the same.

          We offer both classroom as online self-training. For more information go to:


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            Jakob Hansen

            Scripting is a special version of SQL with some special Qlik funktions and commands.


            Front end is most like Excel, but with some special features like set analysis, aggr and more.

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              Jaydeep Das

              QlikView has its own scripts, it works on AQL. But for out of the box solutions ,extension building  and some mash ups you need to use Java Script and c# .Net. Apart from this basic knowledge on Macro always helps.

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                Adam Hájek

                Ok guys thank you all

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                  Rajesh RS

                  Hi Adam,


                  Basically you need to know Structured Query Language(SQL).



                  Rajesh R. S.

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                    Arnaldo Sandoval

                    Hi Adam,


                    As many already assisted:


                    • Knowledge of SQL will be good when writing the Qlik's script to load the data into your application.
                    • Qlik's script is like any programming language, if you know javascript, basic, c language, learning Qlik's Script will be very easy, basically coding conditions, loops,
                    • You will need to learn about SET analysis, AGGREGATE functions, which are very peculiar to Qlik.
                    • Any book about Qlik View or Qlik Sense will be good, as both products are pretty close relatives, obviously you will be better off with a book on Qlik Sense.