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    SQL within Script IF Statement Error

    Tom Neal




      I am having an issue with a little script I'm writing. 

      I'm extracting data from database tables using SQL, and I would like to apply a condition to only 1 table from this list.

      For some reason Qlikview does not like my else statement as that's where it's breaking.

      I have not written an IF statement containing SQL before so it's a first for me.

      Any help would be appreciated.




      For i = 0 To $(vTableCount)
      Let vCurrentTable = Peek('TableName', $(i), 'SQLTableList');

      if $(vCurrentTable) = 'SAMPLE_RESULT' THEN

      SQL SELECT * FROM [lvl].[dbo].$(vCurrentTable)
      WHERE Date(EntryDt, 'DD/MM/YYY') >= '01/01/2010';

      SQL SELECT * FROM [lvl].[dbo].$(vCurrentTable);

      STORE $(vCurrentTable) into $(vDatasource)$(vCurrentTable).QVD(qvd);
      DROP Table $(vCurrentTable);
      NEXT i;

        • Re: SQL within Script IF Statement Error
          Dave Riley

          Hi Tom,



          You're missing an END command to that IF statement.


          You could also just set a date variable to use in a single SQL code instead of writing the full code - this just seems a cleaner option. Just set the date in the where clause to something like'01/01/1900' to select everything and place that outside the IF..ELSE..END command.