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    Combining set analyses?

    Maria Harmening

      I have people that rotate in and out of positions.  I'm trying to display the person currently residing in the position and then the replacement person in another column.  so, something like this.


      Position           CurrentEmp           ReplacementEmp

      clerk123           Maria                     John



      however, my data looks like this..


      Position          Name            DateRotation        DateIncoming            DepDays                 IncomingDays

      clerk123          Maria             3/31/2017                                                14

      clerk123          John                                            4/6/2017                                                   20


      that's a very simplified version, but you get the gist.  how can I get john to display in the replacementemp column?




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          Mark Ritter

          Would really need to see a sample of your data and what you want the visualization to look like in order to give a decent answer.


          Will you only have 2 rows of data per position?  Is the code in the Position column unique to each position?

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              Maria Harmening

              hi.  here is more of a subset of the data from the database...this is not the real data.  it's a very simplistic version that helps you see the gist of what I'm doing.


              PositionID          Name            DateRotation        DateIncoming            DepartDays           IncomingDays

              clerk123            Maria             3/31/2017               prior to 2015                14                          doesn't matter

              clerk123            John              4/62020                  4/6/2017                     a long time             20

              janitor123          Chris             7/31/2017               prior to 2015                130                         doesn't matter

              janitor123          Harry             7/31/2020               7/1/2017                     a long time             100

              super123           Nina              4/1/2017                 prior to 2015                21                           doesn't matter

              super123           Dave              12/31/2019            3/31/2017                   a long time              11

              manager123      Vern             3/31/2017               prior                              14                              doesn't matter


              this is how I want to display it..

              Position           CurrentEmp           ReplacementEmp

              clerk123           Maria                     John

              jan123              Chris                      Harry

              super123          Nina                       Dave

              manager123     Vern                     


              so, the  positionID is the link and the dates would determine current v replacement.  this will allow leadership to see the gaps in personnel.  ie, everything is staffed except manager123 has no replacement.    it seems like it should be simple.  can't I just grab the ones current in one set, then grab the replacements in another set and union them on the positionID?   can I do this in a dimension?  or do I have to do it within the data load?  it seems like I shouldn't have to alter the data itself because everything is there...I just need to figure out how to manipulate within the view.  any suggestions?  what am I misunderstanding?

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                  Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

                  Find the attachment.


                  I'm not sure if that's what you want, you can test it on large scale (your data)....

                  Remove Order by Position from the script, it's pretty much useless.

                  I know you looking for Qlik Sense and I gave you QVW but the Script will be same in both the tools.

                  Just copy paste the script you need into your QS app.




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                      Maria Harmening

                      hi.  I don't have a way to upload qvw due to the security of our network.  can you copy and paste the code?

                      Thank you so much..

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                          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

                          I used my own data, your load was complicated but it's same load.



                          LOAD Distinct  * INLINE [

                              Position, Name, Rotation, Incoming

                              Clerk, Maria, 1/5/2017, 8/7/2015

                              Clerk, John , 1/6/2020, 8/8/2017

                              Janitor, Chris, 1/7/2017, 8/9/2015

                              Janitor, Harry, 1/8/2017, 8/10/2017

                              Super, Nina, 1/9/2020, 8/11/2015

                              Super, Dave, 1/10/2019, 8/12/2017

                              Manager, Vern, 1/11/2017, 8/13/2015







                          if(Incoming>today(),Name) as V1,

                          if(Incoming<today(),Name) as V2



                          Resident Data



                          The resident load I did in script and in front end I use pivot table or you can use St table as well..



                          Current: only( aggr( V2, V1, V2))

                          Replacement: only( aggr( V1, V2, V1))


                          End result I got is below.



                          Edit: There can be a better way to do it I'm no expert in Qlik but someone else can help you to optimize it a better way?