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    QVD Load

    Deepanshu Chamoli

      Hello Everyone


      Please help me in the below query and let me know is it possible or not.


      I have created two sections for dashboard in Qlik Sense:-


      • First create a data model in one app and store the data in qvd.
      • Secondly create a visualisation app where I am sourcing these qvd to create the dashboard


      Thus if data model qvd fails due to any reason any day, my visualisation app will always shows the result as the visualisation is based on stored qvd's. I am using QMC for loading the data in QVD and visualization app.


      Now the issue with that is if my qvd app fails on any day i.e. 3/17/2017. It means the stored qvd does not refreshed and contains the old data till 3/16/2017.

      In visualisation app, because I am sourcing QVD and it is scheduled task by QMC it will execute successfully and shows "Data last Loaded" = 3/17/2017 which is not correct.


      Is there any way to resolve the issue i.e. if my QVD app fails on any day, the visualisation app shows the "Data Last Loaded" till my QVD app last updated. Here as above it shows 3-16-2017