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    Qlik Sense - Security for data stored in QVDs

    Jay Fitchett

      Hey all,

      So we've run into a bit of a snag in our Qlik Sense Enterprise setup surrounding data security (yes, we should have thought about it sooner - we didn't). So far in our Qlik journey it's just been me and another developer working in our Qlik environment, treating it as a sandbox more or less learning about best practices and developing standards before we integrate the rest of he organization.


      We have a SQL Data Warehouse where our data is stored, and have created a Data Loader app that loads, prepares, and saves each table into a QVD into a directory on the server. We have a data connector linked to that directory so that all QVDs are available for use. This setup works well - we like. Our problem: Not all QVDs should be available for all users. For instance, we have 5 or 6 QVDs (tables) that contain sensitive HR data that only a select few people should be able to access.


      We've look at section access and I feel that's probably the best route - we would like to keep all QVDs in a central location (everyone could see the Employee QVD, but only some can actually access the data). We can't figure out how to actually implement this though - how do we apply section access to whole tables. The example for section access we've found seem to be hard to apply to our situation / we don't full understand how it works.

      In the QMC we've created a custom property "QlikUser", applied to user types, and added a value "HR Data Access".... now what? Are we are the right track? Is our setup feasible? Or are we totally wrong with our approach. Would really love your feedback!!!