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    Hi I am preparing a Dashboard on Finance and got stuck someone can please help

    Ankit Gupta

      I have an excel file (attached) with two tabs One Forecast and Forecast Lookup, I am trying to put a budget dasboard with this data and got stuck on few places, appreciate if someone can help me on this (script also attached)


      Problem I am not able to solve:

      1. I am trying to show these KPI's :

          Line 1: Total Budget, Total Budget Capex, Total Budget Opex  [This data is from Forecast Lookup tab]

          Line 2: PO Amount, 2017 Forecast, 2017 Spend                      [This data is from Forecast tab]


      Filters I am applying is:  Program Name, Project Name, FL/Owner Name, PO Number


      Now the problem is, if I comment Project name in Script for the data loaded from Forecast Lookup, In dashboard only Line 2 KPIs are updating on applying filters but Line 1 is not updating, I am not sure what wrong I am doing.


      ** Screen shot of the dashboard attached.


      2. I want to show Budget data on Qtrly, yearly and monthly basis, I am not sure how to do that. E.g If my Project Budget for the year is 100, how can I show by adding a filter  Qrly and Monthly and Yearly budget


      Can someone please help me in solving this,  I am raw in Qlik and need help and guidance