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    With Connection statement - What are all the parameters possible?

    Jonathan Poyer



      I am trying to figure out what are all the possibilities in the WITH CONNECTION statement when using the REST connector.


      I've been through all of this and I am currently using the "Url" parameter.

      When I am trying to use Url and QUERY parameters in the same statement I can't make it work.


      Would someone have the right syntax and all the parameters possible.


      It looks like we can also override the body parameter when using a method POST, any help would be welcome on that matter too.


      Another question: is it possible to override the method too (so having GET and POST for the same connection but overridden when useful to use POST instead of the GET method).


      To summarize: what is the exact WITH CONNECTION statement syntax?


      Exemple :

      WITH CONNECTION (Url "YourURL"; Method : POST; Query Header: "Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf8", "OtherHeaderName: OtherHeaderValue"; Query Parameters : "Field1: Value1","Field2: Value2"; Body : "{"ids":[ 1, 2, 5, 10 ]}")


      Many thanks in advance!