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    How to add additonal active directory user

    Muhammad Qaiser

      Hi everyone,


      I need to add additional AD users so that they can access to my hub. I don't want introduce my existing Domain\User account to other people.


      I was told below steps but I tried to login as each local user but it didn't create that user in that list.




      The simplest solution is to create some local users on the server to test with. Then just try to login as each local user and that will insert them into the user list. You can then assign a token to them. (For a simple POC, this approach will save you having to setup connectors to import users from active directory).




      Once your users have a token and can login to the hub you will need to configure security rules or assign them roles to given them capabilities such as access to streams and the ability to create apps. The simplest way is to assign them one of the pre-existing roles.




      I am not sure what community group you are trying to add to. Can you elaborate? Note that you need to create an account and be logged on to create content.

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          Muhammad Qaiser

          Well friends,

          Above steps mentioned as correct, only thing we need to keep in mind that the user created on individual machine or on domain. If on domain, we need to write Domain\User and if on individual machine, we need put machineName\User.

          Once we do that correctly, \qmc (qlik management console) will try to bring page but not successfully which means that newly created user should be allocated a license in \qmc.