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    Using data load editor in QlikSense Cloud

    ankita malhotra

      I am new to QlikSense cloud, I have been working on QlikSense cloud Basic, I want to create a named connection in load editor as I have done in Qliksense desktop, but I find the "Create New Connection" button disabled, Please let me know the reason.

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          Robert Hutchings

          Hi Ankita


          Because the cloud can not connect in the way the free private edition (QS desktop) can. So what you have to do is update using the private edition and then manually upload to the free cloud. So the free cloud is only (it seems) intended for users to share Apps and share with other users (max 5 users) but not to automatically update etc.


          Qlik plan to have automatic update for the paid for business edition. It's I think US$25 inv VAT in the US per user. But the automatic update is still not available yet except for SalesForce. You can manually upload files though and then the Apps can be set to do one daily update

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Ankita,


            In addition to what Rob has mentioned - Qlik Sense Cloud editions do not allow connectivity to other sources YET - we are adding this wit our continuous release cycle. At this time you can create connections in Qlik Sense Desktop - create your app - save your app as a .qvf and then upload to Qlik Sense Cloud - however you can access or reload the data from Qlik Sense Cloud - unless the data is from a file / folder - Salesforce and coming soon REST.


            Please see this video for ways to share:


            Qlik Sense Cloud - 3 Ways to Share (video)



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            Mike Tarallo