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    Parameters in set analysis

    Shiva Nagesh Bodepudi

      Hi All,


      When trying to use a parameter in the set analysis facing some issues.

      below is the variable am creating

      set vExpression =

      num(Avg({<[KPI] = {$1},Year=,Month=,Day=,[Date],[Date]={">=$(=Num($(=vToDate& 'Start(Max(Date))'))) <=$(=Max(Date))"}>} Actual),$3)


      and using =$(vExpression ('KPI1','#.##')). But it's not working. When I placed it in straight table and hovered the expression

      >=$(=Num($(=vToDate& 'Start(Max(Date))'))) <=$(=Max(Date)) is being showed as >= <=.

      I also tried passing 'Start(Max(Date))' as $3 . But the result is same.


      The value of vToDate will be Day/Week/Month

      Can someone explain what I am doing wrong.