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    Difference between Bookmarking and Stories in QlikSense

    Kiruthigadevi Subramaniam

      Hello Friends,

      I appreciate your time. Is there any main difference between bookmarking and storytelling in QlikSense. Both export data,capture data insights at a particular selection. Well in bookmarks its not possible to revert back to the source. This is what I knew about them.Could you kindly let me know is there any other things which I missed between them. Please let me know.

      Thank you!


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          Andy Weir

          A bookmark is a place holder.  it allows a user to return to a place and a state the dashboard was in to return a particular result.  as such each time you apply the bookmark the same filter and location in the app is returned to the data contained there can have moved on based on how many reloads of data has occurred since the bookmark was applied.


          Stories are snapshots in time.  what toy recird in your stories is the state of the data at a given point in time.  this will stay the same each time you return to the story so it allows you to look back at the state of the app regardless of how the data model has changed since.


          Stories are historical observations and bookmarks are placeholders on the current app to repeat your observations.