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    Schedule Matrix

    Enrique Herranz

      Hi Experts !

      I wondered if you could give me some help on a small app I am trying to create to build a very simple schedule table. I have a list of tasks with a start and finish dates fields. I manage to create all the dates in between those start and finish dates, so I can represent these easily , as can be seen in attached qvw file. The problem is I would need to skip all weekends ( and optionally holiday dates ), so the duration of these tasks should account for only working days. I am not sure how I would need to enter the holiday dates , maybe an INLINE table ...but how ? . Also I would need to see days in between two tasks even if there is no work done on these dates.

      Current qvw app chart :


      Expected chart ( what I would need ) , based on an excel mockup :


      I would appreciate any guidance you could give me here.

      Many thanks in advance