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    timestamp from oracle into a csv splitting but returns empty

    Krishna Venkataraman

      Hi all


      i have the following dates from a oracle sql table stored in a CSV file. when this is to be split to Transaction Date and Time separately, the below data has problems(empty fields) when your hour clock is single digit. i am thinking this is due to the extra space between 2017 and hour or date formatting issue


      20/03/2017  1:23:00 PM,   --> doesnt work

      20/03/2017  3:56:00 PM,  --> doesnt work

      20/03/2017  3:19:00 PM,  --> doesnt work

      20/03/2017  3:18:00 PM,  --> doesnt work

      19/03/2017  6:07:00 PM,  --> doesnt work

      20/03/2017  9:09:00 AM,  --> doesnt work

      20/03/2017 10:09:00 AM,  --> split correctly

      20/03/2017 11:54:00 AM,  --> split correctly


      date(floor([TRANSACTION DATETIME])) as [Transaction Date],

        time(frac([TRANSACTION DATETIME])) as [Transaction Time],


      Can you tell me the ways to fix this pls